Privacy Policy

The ‘3 f factory’
Privacy Statement.
‘3 f factory’ (less than the company ‘ ’) the users ’ privacy is important and to comply with the Act on the [Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection].Company users through the privacy statement that personal information you provide ways and for being used and to protect any personal information.Is done and tell you how.
The order of the privacy policy is as follows :

1.Items of personal information collected and collection methods.
1).The items of personal information collected.
(1).The company member, Customer Relations, membership or service are the first time for the provision of services.
Collecting personal information such as below.
– selection : date of birth and sex.
(2).There is no separate consent procedure in paragraph 1. a service simply do not collect essential and selection.
(3).Or business process services in the process of dealing with the following information can be created and collected.
– user’s cell phone handset information (model name, mobile device firmware version, mobile version, a unique number, etc.), the last final presence, address
And nbTemporary – access ; sp, service records, poor records.
(4).Paid / free services for use in the course of payment, and inevitably if necessary (recovery and return, etc.).
– another email address, details contents of the purchase, you are not confirm payment due to show their real names and family.
2).How to : collecting personal information companies collect personal information in the following ways.
– gathered from the company’s service agreement procedure when signing up to.
– promotions and events to conduct a separate agreement from the procedure.
And nbsP ; business and service provider automatically collecting relevant platforms in partnership.
– entry into service and user when customer use of voluntary or required by the request later. Collection

twoCollection and use of personal information purposes.
1).The company using information collected by the following purposes.
(1).Disclaimer, secure seamless communication channels for complaints, etc.
(2).For more information for the pay information processing and fulfillment of a contract dispute settlement, payment refund customers, such as service delivery.
(3).New services and event information, such as new information.
(4).Other content delivery and authentication services (id and contests to find pw).

3.Of sharing and personal information.
1).The company’s consent or under the provision of relevant laws except in the case was under any circumstances.
Personal notice in information collection and use of purpose 』 『 are beyond the scope of their or others or third-party companies, groups and users ’ personally identifiable information.
Not to provide the agency.
2).Ten or business operators and operators to offer a variety of services partner to enter into the user of a limited extent.
Users ’ personally identifiable information, such as information is required to share or cases, or who own and to share.
The main business, source, or what is shared, sharing personal information or what personal information on what the purpose, etc.
Notice my initial screen or applications its website or by date of entry into force at least 10 days before a message, it shall be notified publicly in advance.
Go into force after the agreement by the users.
3).Users by the provisions of relevant laws in the following cases without the consent of the personal information is available.
(1).For service delivery charges according to the settlement, if necessary.
(2).NSO, market research or academic research as a necessary case if provided certain processing in the form that can not identify an individual.
(3).If the request from authorities for rhetorical purposes by relevant laws.
(4).Geumyong real name transaction and confidentiality, Use and Protection of Credit Information Act, Act on Telecommunications Framework Act, Telecommunications Business Act, Local Tax Act.
Consumer Protection Act, the Bank of Korea Act, the Criminal Procedure Act, such as special rules in the law ..

4.Period of possession and use of personal information.
1).In principle, the user withdraws from and membership in the Company, which was before users or terminating your membership, and storing users ’ personally identifiable information.
Collecting personal information and aim has been reached after the destruction without delay the information.However, the company in accordance with the terms and conditions and internal policies.
To prevent the use of injustice and holds the personal information for three months after terminating your membership expires after users ’.
Entirely personal information deleted.
2).The aim has been reached, even if a collection purposes or provided by commercial law, the provisions of law and internal policy and if there is a need to preserve.
Other relevant information according to an act of protection if there is a reason, the company retain the information a certain period of time set by the member in relevant laws.
In such instances, the company sole purpose of the storage and storing information retention is as follows.
– records concerning the Agreement or for withdrawal.
(reason : Consumer Protection Act, such as e-commerce, preserving retention period of : 5 years).
And nA record – on payment and supply of goods, such as ; bsp
(reason : Consumer Protection Act, such as e-commerce, preserving retention period of : 5 years).
– record # of # 5 on the settlement of disputes, or consumer complaints.(reason : Consumer Protection Act, such as e-commerce, preserving retention period : 3 years).
– recorded on identification.
And nb(conservation reasons : Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection Act, the retention period : six months) ; sp.
– A visit to the record : Access logs, and service records, and so on.
(: conservation reasons.Retention period : 3 months), the Communication Secrets Protection Act.
3).2) above, which holds according to the port of such instances, the company to ask for your reading about, including personal information without delay, the training materials.
Make sure you can see to it.

fiveThe destruction of personal information procedures and methods.
The company collecting personal information in principle and aim has been reached after the destruction without delay the information.
Revocation procedures and is as follows.
1).Revocation procedures
– your membership after information you have entered for the purpose was attained, such as internal policies and other relevant information according to an act of protection.
(period of possession and use of personal information, see) according to the reason for a period of time saved and destroyed.
– other than personal information is held under the law isn’t the case and is not used for other purposes.
2).Method of destruction
– reproduce recorded personal information stored in the form of electronic files using technical measures that can not be deleted.
– digging through the incineration or with personal information is output on paper mill grinding.

sixThe user and legal representative’s rights and how the event.
1).An attorney and a registered at any time or 14 by myself I can check or modify personal information of the child.
You can also request the termination of membership.
2).Children under the age of 14 million [Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection Act] prize before sending personal information to others online.
Must be fully understand the company for the collection and use of personal information purposes, and they must receive permission of the legal representative (parents).
3).[Game Industry Promotion Act] teens under the age of 18 million prize during membership join and they must receive permission of the legal representative (parents).
4).Error correction for the users of personal information requested was until the end of correction if the utilization or personal information.
Does not provide.If you already provided false personal information to third parties also inform without delay to correction result to any third party.
I’ll do so as to ensure correct.
5).The company or legal representative at the request of the termination or deleted by individuals on the information specified in “period of possession and use of personal information”.
And as reading or not available to working for other purposes.

7.Personal information of the technical and administrative protection measures.
The company is handling personal information of users in the loss, theft, exposure, alteration or not to violate personal information for safety.
The following technical and administrative measures seeking.
1).Password encryption
The company is partnering relationship in service delivery platform not collect password of the members.
2).Fallback position of the hacking.
Hacking by the users ’ personally identifiable information is being diverted from the outside world to keep blocking device to the burglary.
Blocking, and by managing the hacking attacks, from outside, especially external internet line and server that have the users ’ personally identifiable information.
Without directly managed separately, maintains best-in-class security.
Also, if in case of the systems and data backup system, using the vaccine program by computer virus.
Taking steps to prevent the damage that can be done through.Vaccine program was sudden, and regularly updated virus.
If vaccine as soon as the emergence of this by providing personal information is to prevent the violation.
3).Limit of handling staff and training.
Personal information handling staff is needed at least limiting stress compliance with this policy through the training staff for the spot.
4).Operation of the institution exclusively for privacy
Institution exclusively for internal privacy through for compliance with the implementation of this policy and personnel if problem is to be found.
Immediate, corrective action.
However, users of your carelessness or services in the relevant partnerships as a matter of the Internet nickname, (id) and password, account of the platform.
Inadvertent disclosure of personal information, including email, a problem about the company is responsible for all.

Eight.A service, personal information infringement.
Personally identifiable information of the users below if you have any questions related to the post personal information, please contact me through.
Have any questions to the user to quickly and faithfully I’ll give you a reply.
In addition, the company assigns a department in charge of personal information management and control manager and personal information as follows :
Personal information management responsibility. * * * * * * *
Name : jeongminjong
– 070 : phone number – 8111 – 1492.
– E-mail :.
– Address : Daemyeong-dong, Nam-gu, Daegu, Korea, 1893 – the third floor at 40.
If you want to infringement on our public institutions other than the personal information agency get help from below.
– My Personal Information Protection Center (South Korea Information Security Agency (kisa).http://www.118.or.kr118), on the phone.
– Commission (information security mark certification.http://www.privacy.or.krFor more information, call 02 – 58 – 0533 to 4).
– high-tech crime division, (the Supreme Prosecutors ` Office.http://www.spo.go.kr02, 2000). – 3480
– (Police Cyber Terror Response Center.http://www.ctrc.go.krFor more information, call 02 – 392 – 0330.

1).Dear, the company users can provide a link to other company’s website or materials.
In this case, the company has an external site and materials for him because he had no control authority, the services provided by or about the usefulness of data.
You can not ensure can not be responsible.
2).Pages of other sites by clicking a link of the service provided in the company moved to the site’s privacy policy, and when.
The company and the terms and conditions of visited sites and new policies identified independently, please.
3).The users by entering your personal information with the latest status of the provision of accurate and prevent an accident. I hope you will.
User entered the responsibility of the accidents due to inaccurate information and false information, including the theft of information, others for their input ..
Account available 24 hours or can be deleted.
4).The users personal information your information in the same time, but reserves the right to be protected and also to protect themselves.
Have not infringing other people’s information obligations.Leaked their personal information, including your password and be careful not to.
Including posts, careful to avoid damaging other people’s personal information, please.If I couldn’t such responsibility and other people’s information.
If there is to undermine the dignity and can be punished by those laws and regulations.
5).The users enter personal information in input shall compensate damages caused by inaccurate or false information and some disadvantages.
Material damage himself is entirely responsible.

Ten.Notice duty
Privacy policy changes in laws, regulations, policies or security technology content additions, deletions and amendments in accordance with the revision when at least 10 days ago.
Our home page or our company, provided by the aepeullikeisyeolleul and notice to the contents of the reason for change.
2015 : privacy policy announcement date – 20 – 20.
2015 : privacy policy implementation date – 25 – 25.